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February 23, 2017
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Updated: Feb. 23 (05:59)

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What's New at IAFF 1324
Engine 1 Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness!


Fairbanks Fire goes PINK:The Fairbanks Firefighters Association, IAFF L1324, has partnered with the Breast Cancer Detection Center (BCDC) of Alaska to heighten the awareness of the everyday battle being waged against breast cancer locally and across our nation. This year FFA has arranged for the Fairbanks Fire Department’s “Engine 1”, the busiest fire engine in the interior of Alaska, to be colored pink for 30 days to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer. The University of Alaska Fairbanks Fire Engine 12 will also support the campaign with pink window tinting and ribbons. For IAFF members, “going pink”, is a way to support women in their fight against cancer.
Last year the Fairbanks Firefighters raised over $5,000 for the BCDC by losing our blue duty shirts for two weeks and donning pink. During that time we sold over 500 of the pink Fairbanks Fire Department shirts as a fundraiser. This year FFA wanted to do something more visible to demonstrate their support of this cause and help raise awareness of the struggle many women face right here in our community. Engine 1, wrapped in pink and displaying the signature pink ribbon, will be used as normal to respond to fires, Emergency Medical (EMS) calls, motor vehicle accidents and any other emergency responses during this time. The engine will also be used for fire prevention and other routine events.Last year, in a nationwide survey of reporting fire departments, FFD E-1 ranked in the top 60 busiest fire companies in the US. It is stationed at the Fairbanks Fire Department Station 1 at 1101 Cushman St.
The FFA is proud to be supporting this worthy cause. The FairbanksBreastCancerDetectionCenter wants to make mammography available to all regardless of their ability to pay. Their mission is to increase awareness of the survivability of breast cancer and the benefits of early detection by delivering screening services and education throughout Alaska. They have provided over 29,000 mammograms since 1976.
Special thanks to AutoTrim Design for a generous donation making this project possible. We also thank Fire Chief Warren Cummings for allowing us to “go pink”. No taxpayer funds were used for this awareness campaign, all funding was provided by the Fairbanks Firefighters Union, IAFF L1324, and the BCDC.
This is one of many local charities supported by the Fairbanks Firefighters Association including Muscular Dystrophy (Fill-the-Boot), St. Baldricks, United Way, HIPOW, Boys and Girls Club, and Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption.
For further information please contact;
Brian Davis, PR Committee                                    Dominic Lozano, President
Fairbanks Firefighters Association       or              Fairbanks Firefighters Assoc.
907-322-3522                                                           907-590-2109
                                                                                                                                              Engine 1
Update- April 2011

 Local 1324 signs first contract between the paid staff of the University Fire Department and the University of Alaska.   

As previously posted, the paid staff of the Univeristy Fire Department has become part of the International Association of Firefighters, Local 1324.  After negotiations recently concluded between the Univerity of Alaska and representatives from L1324, a final contract was recently ratified by both parties.  Today the official contract signing occured, marking the first ever collective bargaining agreement for the paid Captains and Battalion Chiefs of the University of Alaska Fire Department.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long and healthy joint labor-management relationship which benefits the employer, employees and the citizens they serve.


Alaska Proffesional Firefighters annual conference comes to Fairbanks!

The annual PFFA conference is being held here in Fairbanks the week of May 9th. Firefighters who are part of the Alaska Proffessional Firefighters Association, which is comprised of IAFF Union firefighters from across the State, will be meeting to conduct business over several days.  Representatives from Kotzebue, Fairbanks, Juneau, North Pole, University and Anchorage will be attending.

L1324 response to recent Fairbanks Daily News Miner Headline:

Fairbanks Firefighters, L1324, take exception to the Daily News-Miner's linked headline. This headline was posted on April 19th, 2011.  FFD did not respond to this fire as they infer. That we "held back" from fighting the fire is misleading and only fuels a controversial issue. A more accurate title would be "Trailer burns in unprotected area" and then proceed with the facts of the story. The editors should correct this immediately online and print a correction.
This headline places the FFA and FFD in a negative light, which has nothing to do with the facts of the story. We would gladly respond and extinguish this, or any, fire in our response area. The City has offered this service to LakeView Terrace many times when previous similar situations occurred. FFA is sorry for the homeowners loss and is glad no one was injured.
Busy Spring for FFD


Spring has arrived and is keeping FFD crews hopping:   

FFD Crews have been busy now that spring has arrived.  Follow the link below to a Daily News Miner Article on recent fires.

Please drive carefully.  With the roads melting and becomming wet during the days, and then freezing at night, driving can be hazardous.  We hope everyone drives carefully and arrives at their destination safely.

A spring update will be posted shortly along with new pictures.  The update will cover activities from the end of winter and leading into the spring and summer months.  Your Fairbanks Firefighters have had a very busy winter for responses.  We are also going to be posting information on staffing levels and other important issues.  Thanks for your patience.

Fairbanks City Firefighters
The Fairbanks Fire Department:
The Fairbanks Fire Department was organized in 1904. In 1906 a large portion of the city was destroyed by fire. Our founding fathers, not wanting history to repeat itself, organized one of the earliest paid fire departments in the country.  The first paid firefighters were hired in 1906. 
Today, your Fairbanks Firefighters protect a population of about 30,000 residents, which swells to over 50,000 people during daytime hours. FFD responds to about 4,000 emergency calls a year, more than all other Fairbanks area fire departments combined. This is accomplished with only 36 firefighters and medics working rotating 24 hour shifts.
Fairbanks Firefighters do far more than just extinguish fires. They also provide paramedic- level ambulance service (the only paramedic level service in the Fairbanks area), hazardous materials and terrorism response, response to car accidents, many forms of specialized rescue and perform fire prevention activities.
The Fire Prevention Division of the Fairbanks Fire Department performs new construction plan reviews, does fire inspections of businesses and investigates the cause and origin of all fires to help prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.
The Fairbanks Firefighters Association (International Association of Fire Fighters, L1324) is in a partnership with the City of Fairbanks to ensure a safe and stable community for all. The FFD, ISO class 3, ensures low insurance rates for residents and businesses, attracting new investments and growth to our community. The fire department works hard everyday to ensure the safety of our community and plays a vital role in the continued economic stability of Fairbanks.
The Fairbanks Fire Department has changed a lot since this photo was taken in 1928. The FFD currently responds from two stations; Fire Station #1, the headquarters building at 1101 Cushman St. (built recently from a state grant), and Fire Station #3 at 1033 Aurora Dr.
Thanks to many federal grants the FFD is able to operate a modern fleet of fire apparatus including two engines (pumpers), two pumper/tenders, two aerial platforms (ladder trucks), four Advanced Life Support ambulances, one rescue truck, one rescue boat, and several support and specialty vehicles. (See pictures under “apparatus”)
The Fairbanks Fire Department currently has a minimum staffing level of nine firefighters, all of which are paramedics or EMT’s. This means there are at least nine firefighter/medics on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Though this is far below the level suggested by national standards for a city of our size, we are able to provide our community with consistent and professional service.
At minimum staffing levels the FFD operates one 3 person Engine at Station 1, one 2 person Engine at Station 3, a one person Truck at Station 1, a two person Paramedic ambulance at Station 1 and a Battalion Chief at Station 1. Additional ambulances and the rescue truck are cross staffed as needed.
At full staffing the FFD operates one 3 person Engine at Station 1, one 3 person Engine at Station 3, a 3 person Truck at Station 1, a two person Paramedic ambulance at Station 1 and a Battalion Chief at Station 1. Additional ambulances and the rescue truck are still cross staffed as needed.
Our Community…The Golden Heart City.
The Fairbanks Firefighters are your friends and neighbors. We work, live, and recreate in our city. 
Your Fairbanks firefighters are heavily involved in local charities. Through payroll deduction we donate approximately $5,000.00 per year to the United Way of Fairbanks. Each year we participate, along with firefighters across this country, in the annual “Fill-the-Boot” campaign where firefighters raise money for Jerry Lewis and his quest to treat and cure Muscular Dystrophy. In 2007 we raised almost $20,000.00. Additionally, many Fairbanks Firefighters participate in St. Baldricks, where firefighters raise money through pledges to shave their heads in support of children’s cancer research. The Fairbanks Fire Fighters Association L1324 also supports area youth sports through sponsorships of young athletes and other miscellaneous charities.
The FFD responds on average to over 11 emergencies a day. When not responding to emergencies you may find us testing hose (over 3.5 miles of it), testing some of our 1,300 fire hydrants, testing our fire apparatus, taking training classes (FFD personnel logged over 5,000 hours last year), cleaning the fire stations, washing the fire trucks, or conducting fire prevention activities in the nine public schools we protect. 
Fairbanks Firefighters will even come to your house, check your smoke detector, and replace it with a free one if necessary. 
If you would like further information about your fire department, please click on the Frequently Asked Questions under the menu. Also check out the photo’s where you will find historical pictures, pictures from emergency calls and pictures of the apparatus. Be sure to sign our guestbook before you leave!
Fairbanks Firefighters, Proudly Serving Fairbanks since 1904
Union proud since 1959
Fairbanks Firefighters Respond to Record Number of Calls in 2008

2008 Run Volume Breaks all Previous Records!

   Preliminary numbers show that in 2008 City of Fairbanks Firefighters responded to a record number of calls.  The end of year initial statistics show the FFD responded to 4,186 calls in 2008, compared to 4,089 calls in 2007.  This increase is consistent with the steadily rising run volume over the last several years.  The Fairbanks Fire Department has had a 46% increase in call volume in 10 years with no corresponding increase in minimum staffing. More statistics will be released as soon as the department annual report is complete.

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